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We negotiate and get you the best deal

Our clients range from the multinational corporations to start-ups and of course everything in between. We surely will be able to help you.

How can we negotiate the best deal for you? Well, with our experience and knowledge, we understand our clients’ business and we know the market very well.

We are the local market specialist therefore we know the market inside out.

We are not only able to discuss all options available, our experts can offer help and advise on crucial factors that could affect the rental rate or price, including:

building conditions
tenure of the tenancy or lease
how fast you can move into the new premises
the outgoings, including service charges
rent free periods
facilities, including car parking

We conduct comprehensive benchmarking and negotiation. We guarantee you a better rate than anywhere else in the market.

We work closely with 99% of the office buildings’ manager in Klang Valley. Apart from that we also partner with leading industry agents, other specialist, individual landlords to find you the perfect and ideal workspace.

We leverage on our excellent industry relationships to negotiate on your behalf and secure you what you want and of course at the right price.

Do you want the best deal? Why not contact us now?

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