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SOHO, SOFO and SOVO as Flexi Office

If you’re in the midst of searching for a flexi office, you must have come across these terms - SOHO, SOFO and SOVO as they are taking the real estate market by storm recently. So, what do these acronyms stand for and what are their differences? SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office, SOFO stands for Small Office Flexible Office and SOVO stands for Small Office Virtual Office.

They are actually small office space with an area that ranges from 37sq m to 74 sq m. Basically, all of them serve as an office and portion of it can be converted for dwelling purposes.

Just like what the name suggests, a SOHO doubles up as both a home and an office. It is widely popular among young singles, freelancers, professionals and newly-weds because SOHO offices are merging both work space and living area in one property. Hence, the convenience of navigating between a home and a working place. It comes in 2 design. It is usually in the form of a duplex i.e the one with an upper floor for dwelling purpose and the lower floor as workplace.   The other design is the front-and-back layout. Due to its unique interior designs innovations, SOHOs are constructed without needing a large floor area and it eventually provide for more spaces in such a confined area.

As for SOFO office, it is a small unit that grants the benefits of flexibility to the owner on how they want to use the space available, it could be for residential or business purposes or even both. Every unit does not come with any interior partitions. Therefore, the owners have the convenience of customizing and personalize the space available to suit their own lifestyles.

On the other hand, SOVO offices are supplied with telecommunication and infrastructural facilities which cater for instant business operation.

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