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Office Rental In Kuala Lumpur


The Kuala Lumpur offices rental differs based on the locations of the office buildings. As an independent office space solution specialist, we strive to serve you best. To make sure you do not overpay for an office lot for rent in KL, please call us for FREE consultation. Talk to us to find out more. Call: (+6)016-2126193/ Email:

Basically, offices rental in Kuala Lumpur can be summarised as follows:


Rental Range (RM psf)

KL City Centre

RM4.50 to RM12.00

Mid Valley City

RM4.00 to RM7.50

KL Sentral

RM5.00 to RM8.50

Bangsar South City

RM3.50 to RM5.50

KL Eco City

RM4.50 to RM5.50

KL Gateway

RM5.00 to RM6.00


So, what are the major factors which determine the rental rate of office space for rent in KL? We set out below some major factors which affect the rental rate of the office building in Kuala Lumpur. The factors are inter-related and not exclusive from another.




Size / Built-Up

Kuala Lumpur office rental is affected by the size/ built-up of the space you are renting. Normally a small office will command higher rental rate on per square foot basis compared to a huge office space.


The office spaces for rent in Kuala Lumpur City Centre normally fetch higher rental rate than those in sub-urban areas.


Offices which are near to amenities such as banks, hotels, public transportations, F&Bs etc., will be more sought after and thus, command higher rental.


Accessibility is one of the major considerations for the office tenants. The Kuala Lumpur offices available for rent which are easily accessible via public transportation or highways command higher rental rates.

Building Status

This refers to the “status” of the building. Whether the building is a Grade A office building, MSC status building, Green Building or otherwise, these “status” will affect the building’s popularity and demand for the office space, and hence, the rental rates of the office spaces within the buildings.

Condition of the Office

The fully furnished offices for rent in Kuala Lumpur usually fetch higher rental rate compared to unfurnished or bare office unit.


Apart from the factors above, your experience and skill in negotiating, market knowledge and will determine the final rental rate that you secured. Over the years, we have managed to exceed our tenants’ expectation when securing the tenancy in terms of pricing/rental rate, tenure and the favourable terms of a tenancy.

If you are on a bootstrap budget, we’ll be able to assist you as well. We have an extensive network on serviced office in Kuala Lumpur and virtual office in Kuala Lumpur. These offices offer you flexible terms at affordable price from as low as few hundred ringgits.

Need help on office rental in Kuala Lumpur? Contact us NOW! Our expertise, experience, network and industry knowledge will certainly prove to be beneficial to you and your business. Do not overpay for your office!  Call: (+6)016-2126193/ Email: for full details on KLCC office for rent.

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