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Large Office Space for Rent – What You Should Consider Before Securing One

                                             Large Office Space For Rent
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A corporate or commercial office space with the size of 10,000 square feet and above is normally referred to as a large office space.

Before securing a large office space as your work space, you may be plagued with some uncertainties as to whether you should do so? Some common concerns which may haunt you are will such a large work space in line with my business directions? Is now the right time to move into a larger office space? Do we really need to relocate to a large office? How should we go about finding a large office space for rent?

We shall address your concerns and following are some useful tips for you to consider before securing a large office space.

First, review the usage of your existing space

While contemplating in getting a larger office space, it’s wise to take a look at your existing work space usage. Have you utilised all the space available in your current office? Is the existing space being used effectively? Evaluate the lay-out of your current office space. Ask yourself this question, is there any unutilised space which can be put into better use to suit your business operation or expansion? For instance, is there any space where you can partition and convert into a new room or put in more workstations. Should you consider removing the breakout area? Make sure that you make good use of the existing space before deciding to move forward and secure a large office space. So, let’s review your existing office lay-out now.

Second, review the design of your current office

Can you design your current office space differently so that it can accommodate more staff? Should you consider hot-desking or “open concept”? These are some practical ways to create more space from the existing build-up. If there is a need, it is wise to consult an interior designer or contractor to modify your existing office design accordingly. After all, reviewing the design of your current office will certainly cost lesser than moving into a new large office.

Third, enlisting the assistance of professional niche office leasing specialist

After you have conducted the above review and decided that the current work space is no longer sufficient for your business operation, the way forward is to start looking for a large office space for rent. The easiest and fastest way to achieve this is by enlisting the assistance of a professional office leasing expert specialising in large office property segment. We have a team of professional office space solution expert who’s forte is in this niche segment. Why not talk to us and get a complete guide for FREE. Call us NOW at (+6)016-2126193 or email:

Fourth, must the entire workplace be housed within the same floor of the office building?

Some businesses need to home their work place in a large office space within the same floor of a office building. Conversely, some companies prefer to split the space into a few levels or floors within the same office tower. Either way is acceptable as long as it suits your business operation or needs. There aren’t many office building with a single floor plate of 10,000sf or above, especially for an older office building or buildings which enjoy high occupancy rate. You are more likely to find large office space for rent within the same floor in newer office buildings where the availability of space is more compared to the older buildings.

Fifth, consider the major factors affecting the rental rate and allocate the budget for the rent accordingly

Generally, if you rent a large office space you will be able to enjoy lower rental rate on a per square feet basis. However, this is not always the case as the size of the office is not the only determining factor for rental rate. Instead, the rental rate is also affected by other factors like location of the office, type of building (whether it is Grade A, B or C building or MSC status building), facilities that the office building has to offer, the condition of the office (whether it is fully furnished or bare unit), and the landlord’s expectation on the rental rate.

Now, you know what to consider before securing a large office. Still looking for a large office space for rent? Are you having a tough time with the real estate agents as they are not able to find you your ideal large office space? Why not work with the best? We shall eliminate all the challenges in your search for your ideal large office space for rent. The services rendered and our expert advice are FREE. Let us find you your dream office space FAST. Call us NOW at (+6)016-2126193 or email:

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