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Need to Rent or Buy an Office Space in Prime Green Building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

We are the leading office space solution specialist who can find you your dream office space for rent or sale in prime green building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Call us NOW at (+6)016-2126193 or email: to find out on how we can help.

What is a Green Building?

According to Green Building Index, a green building is designed to emphasize on enhancing the efficient usage of resources such as water, energy and materials and at the same time, cutting down the impact of the building on human’s life and the surrounding environment during its development. This could be done through better location, design, structure, operation, sustainment and waste disposal.

Why Green Building?

It should be noted that the building sector contributes a staggering 40 percent of the world’s energy, hence green building plays a vital role in maintaining our green surroundings. Since our planet is facing drastic climate changes, we are in dire need of green buildings to help maintain the expanding economic growth while preserving the natural environment. Green buildings are designed to use less energy and resources to increase productivity at the workplace, recycle materials and reduce the disposal of toxic substances. Besides, it coordinates the climate, tradition, culture and surroundings. Therefore, it is capable of promoting better quality of life and sustaining the existing ecosystem at a local and global stage. Furthermore, companies and organizations that are operating in green buildings are sending an important message to the public, i.e. they are responsible, well-managed and they are devoted to making the future a better and greener living place. The good news is that green building in Malaysia are gradually becoming a norm as major developers had adopted the concept of green construction for better business development.

The Green Building Index

The Green Building Index (GBI) is the green valuation tools for buildings accepted by the Malaysia’s industry. It serves to encourage maintenance of built environment and also functions as an awareness campaign for people that are heavily involved in the built environment sectors such as developers, architects, engineers, planners, contractors, designers and most importantly, the public on the issues regarding our environment and the significance of environmental protection for a better future.

The GBI rating tool enables developers to build a construction that is equipped with green features such as energy efficiency, water efficiency, better indoor environment quality and usage of recycled materials so as to reduce the effect of the building’s life cycle on the environment. A remarkable point about the GBI rating tool is that it is specially developed to suit our local climate, cultural and social demands and it aims to create a better living environment for all through the same standard of measurement by improving the built environment to diminish its damaging impact to the environment. Furthermore, GBI has a significant role of ensuring the new buildings constructed will still be suitable for future evaluation and the existing buildings will be refurbished and upgraded to enhance its building quality. Moreover, environmental leadership will also be recognized and rewarded. GBI is expected to be widely used when the public is more informed regarding the benefits of sustainable buildings towards a greener environment.

Procedural to Obtain Green Building Status

There are certain requirements that are needed to be fulfilled before achieving the GBI status. Firstly, the applicants of Green Buildings are required to complete and submit the GBI application form. Next, the applicant could present the finalized designs of their projects, preferably before commencing the construction, directly or through an appointed GBI facilitator for Design Assessment (DA). Once the assessment is done, the GBI certifier will prepare an assessment report for the accreditation panel in order to register and award the certification. After the completion of project, the Completion and Verification Assessment (CVA) will be carried out within the period of 12 months of completion or when the occupancy rate of the building is 50%. The final GBI award will only be given after the CVA is done. There are 4 type of GBI recognition, namely GBI Platinum, Gold, Silver or Certified ratings. The buildings will have to be reassessed every 3 years to ensure that they are well-managed to maintain its GBI rating.

Examples of Green Buildings in Malaysia

Some examples of the certified Green Buildings in Malaysia are Menara Binjai, Menara Darussalam, Menara Worldwide, G Tower in Kuala Lumpur City Centre; and Menara CIMB, Horizon Phase 2- Boutique Office (Tower Blocks 1, 2,3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10), Vertical Tower A & B in, Q Sentral, Menara MBMR, Menara Shell and Menara MRCB in KL fringe areas.

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