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Grade A Office Space/Building for Rent or Sale in Kuala Lumpur

Searching for a prestigious Grade A office space/building for rent/sale?


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Searching for Prestigious Grade A Office Space/Building for Rent or Sale in Kuala Lumpur?

We are Grade A Office space/building expert. We know where to find you the most prestigious Grade A office space/building, for rent or sale in Kuala Lumpur, which suits your business’ needs or investment’s goal. Call us NOW at (+6)016-2126193 or email: for more details.

Grade A Office Specification?

Tenants who are looking for office spaces will certainly come across the classification of a building, namely Class A, Class B or Class C. The classification of buildings are used to differentiate the types of building and aids in market data reporting. However, the classifications are deemed to be subjective as there is no specific formula in classifying the buildings. Still, there are a few general characteristics to distinguish the different classes of buildings.

Grade A office space is the best quality office space available in the market. These office spaces are generally newly-constructed using the finest quality materials and are complemented with the best infrastructures, thus offering high aesthetic values to enhance the concept of modern workplace. Also, they come equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities for the convenience of the tenants.

Grade A office space or buildings are usually located in strategic locations in the city such as an up-and-coming economic hub which are easily accessible by public or private transports. A noteworthy point is that, such office spaces are commonly handled by well-known property management companies to keep the building in its immaculate condition. Another standout characteristic is the height of the building. Many Grade A office spaces are nestled within high-rise buildings and its interiors are outfitted with higher ceilings giving the illusion of a larger working space. Some of the features available in such office space are a grand central lobby, central air-conditioning, parking spaces and elevator services. Due to its premier quality, the rental rates are higher as compared to the average city’s rent and tenant concessions are relatively limited.

Definition From BOMA

The Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA International) categorizes office spaces into 3 classes, which is Class A, Class B and Class C. BOMA International had defined Class A buildings as prominent buildings which are highly sought after by leading office users and it comes complete with superior finishes, top-notch system, high accessibility and high market demand at an above-average rental rates. The classification of building is affected by a few factors, particularly the rental rates, building finishes, efficiency of system, amenities provided, location and marketability. Even so, BOMA International does not encourage the publication of classification rating for properties owned individually. On the other hand, Class B buildings are furnished with adequate systems and the finishes range from fair to good quality which comes with an average rental rate in the area. Nevertheless, Class B buildings are incapable of competing with Class A buildings for the same price. Additionally, Class C buildings lack specification and that explains the below-average rental rates.

Definition From Other Countries:

The following are some general definitions of Grade A office space/building in some foreign countries:

1.   Singapore: The highest quality of office space available. Its architecture always prioritizes visual appeal and design over cost, and sometimes even over practicality. Grade-An office spaces are well-kept, well-maintained, well-secured, and located in a highly accessible area.

2.   Hong Kong: Modern with high quality finishes; flexible layout; column free floor plates of at least 10,000 sq ft net; occasionally with raised flooring otherwise screed floors, single glazing ; effective central air-conditioning; ample elevators services zoned for both passengers & goods deliveries; professional property management; in house parking facilities typically available; typically within walking distance (covered) of MTR station(s).

3.  China: Modern complexes offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and locations in the heart of each city’s central business district.

4.  Australia: High quality with good views, outlook and natural light, good quality access from an attractive street setting and high quality maintenance.

Generally, a Grade A office building is characterised by prime location, supreme building design, building system and building services.

There are not many Grade A office building in Kuala Lumpur. Menara Bangkok Bank and Q Sentral are the prominent Grade A office buildings in Kuala Lumpur City Centre and KL fringe.

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