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            Different Types of Offices/Units for Rent/Sale in Kuala Lumpur

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Get To Know The Different Types of Offices/Units for Rent or Sale in Kuala Lumpur And Have A Smooth Ride in your Office Space Search

We understand that every business is unique and different. Therefore, your search for an office space for your business should reflect that.

However with so many different types of offices/units available for rent or sale in the market, how do you know which type of office is ideal for your business?

We deal with a wide range of different types of office suites for rent or sale. Why not leverage on our expertise and make your office space search a hassle-free journey?

From an office tower/building to a single unit office space, we shall help you find what your business needs.

Don’t bother yourself too much with the details of how to rent an office space. Leave the details to us. We shall help you to grab your prefect office fast!

For a start, why not get to know the different types of office space for rent or sale in Kuala Lumpur? This will surely help you to zoom into the type of commercial office space for rent or sale which is right for your business.

Generally, your options are as follows:

Classification By Type of Building

MSC Office

MSC status offices are offices in the MSC status buildings. These buildings are located in either MSC Malaysia Cybercities or Cybercentres.

MSC status offices or buildings are specially tailored for MSC Malaysia status companies. By residing in MSC Malaysia Cybercities or Cybercentres, these companies are able to enjoy the full benefits of the respective Bill of Guarantee. However, non-MSC status companies can also base in a MSC status office or building. Examples of the popular MSC offices for rent are Horizon and Vertical office towers in Bangsar South.

Grade A Office Space

Grade A office space is an office space in a Grade A office building. Grade A office building is also commonly known as Class A building. Grade A Office specification?

There is no well-defined specification for Grade A office buildings in Malaysia.

Generally, Grade A office building is the building with highest quality you can find in the market. These buildings possess top-notch infrastructure and are well located in the central business district or transportation hub. They are professionally managed and have good access. These buildings attract the highest quality tenants and command premium rental rate.

Green Building

There are many green buildings in Malaysia. A green building is designed to enhance or increase the efficiency of resource use, including water, energy and materials and to reduce the building impact on not only human health but also the environment. This is achieved during the green building's life cycle from the design stage until its removal.


Classification of Flexi Offices

Serviced Office

There are many serviced offices for rent in Kuala Lumpur.

These are the instant offices where the renters shared the office space, facilities or services provided. The serviced office providers rent a large office space and divide or partition it into many small rooms. The serviced office providers also provide many facilities and office management services, including meeting and board rooms, receptionist, office furniture and fittings, pantry, IT support, cleaning services, secretarial and other supporting services needed by the renters.

The renters are sharing the facilities and office management services among themselves. It is kind of a flexi shared office. The serviced office market in Kuala Lumpur is very dynamic and caters for all kind of business’s needs. Some fully serviced offices offer executive office suites for rent as well.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is a office solution service provided by a business centre. The provider provide the prestigious office address to help in business branding, receptionist, personal mailbox, email notification for incoming email and secretarial services for any business. For the home based business, instead of using the home address, telephone number, etc, it could leverage on the virtual office solutions, for example the address, receptionist and other services provided, while operating from home. Virtual office services help the small business or start-up in branding, etc.


SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office. These are small spaces function as both home and workplace and are usually duplex units.


SOFO stands for Small Office Flexible Office. These are spaces which offer much flexibility on the usage of spaces to its users. These units are normally without internal partitions. Therefore, they provide the occupants the flexibility to customise or to fit out the office space layout.


SOVO stands for Small Office Versatile Office. These are small office space which are fully equipped with infrastructure and telecommunication facilities and cater for the needs of business start-ups to set up their businesses instantly.

Classification By the Condition of the Office Space:

Fully Furnished Office Space

Occasionally, you can find fully furnished office space for rent or sale in Kuala Lumpur. They are also commonly known as fully fitted office. They are well furnished with partitions, carpet and air-conditioning and in a "ready-to-go" or "ready to move in" condition.

Partially/Semi Furnished Office

Partially furnished office is also commonly known as semi-fitted or semi-furnished office. They usually come with only partitions, air-conditioning or carpet but without any loose furniture. However, if you are lucky sometimes it comes with some basic furnishing as well.

Bare Office

Basically a bare office is an empty office without any furnishing, lighting, carpet or air-conditioning. Its flooring is cemented and usually come with suspended ceiling.

Now you know the different types of offices. But you shouldn’t trouble yourself with this. Your search for an office space should be a breeze.

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