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Cyberjaya Office for Rent

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Cyberjaya is a modern city and was founded as part of the Multimedia Super Corridor, which are a network of ICT centric zones all over the Klang Valley. Cyberjaya is a self contained city with its own residences, offices, shopping malls , commercial centres and the like.

Below are some of the popular Cyberjaya offices available for lease. The list is not exhaustive. For full information and listing, contact us. Call:  (+6)016-2126193 or email:


RENTAL  (RM Per Square Foot from)

Century Square 1000 to 15000 4.50
CSF Computer Exchange 1    
Enterprise Building (CoPlace 1, 2 & 3) 660 to 3000  2.50
Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific    
Prima 1, Prima 2, Prima 6, Prima 7, Prima 8, Prima 9, Prima 10    
Quill 1, Quill 2, Quill 3, Quill 4,  Quill 5 3000 to 50000 5.50
SME Technopreneur Centre    
Bangunan Mustapha Kamal    
MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Centre    
Glamorous Matrix    
MKN Embassy (Sky Tech Towers) 5000 to 10000 4.50
CBD Perdana 1 1700 to 8000 2.50
Streetmall Shop Offices    
Basis Bay    
Block 3750 (AMD Building)    
HP Global Center    
Office Block @ NeoCyber 5000 to 500000 4.50
Wisma Shell 10000 to 20000 5.50
MSC Malaysia K-Workers Development Centre (KDC)    
Axis Eureka 1700 to 16000  4.90
Rimba Digital    
Bio-X Centre    

A large part of the Cyberjaya is occupied by commercial buildings and there are also many mixed developments. The residential part of Cyberjaya consists mostly of high rise apartments and condominiums. The low population density in this ICT town makes it an ideal place for you to set up your business, especially if it is ICT related. Here are some other reasons why you should consider leasing an office in Cyberjaya:

  • Cyberjaya is very self contained, which means you don’t have to travel outside to seek amenities. You’ll find shops, shopping malls, restaurants, post offices and other daily necessities here.
  • There are many residential condominiums, apartments and houses within Cyberjaya, which means that you and your staff members can live nearby. Many of these units are varied and affordable.
  • The low density of residents and cars means that Cyberjaya is relatively free from traffic congestions, and you’ll be able to travel from point A to point B in a short time. There are also no tolls in Cyberjaya, which means that you can save on travel expenses.
  • Cyberjaya is home to many multinational companies, including IBM, AIG, Hewlett Packard and Intel. Being located in the vicinity of these well established companies may open up opportunities for networking.
  • It would be very easy to hire staff in Cyberjaya, since it has two Universities, MMU and LimKokWing. Both of these institutions are well known for producing highly marketable graduates.

Does an office for rent in Cyberjaya sound like an awesome plan to you? If so, then the next thing you should know is that there are several different types of offices available for rent in Cyberjaya. Here are just some of the types of office spaces for rent that we can provide you with:

1.   Conventional Office Spaces

These types of offices include fully furnished, partially furnished or bare offices. We are able to provide any type of conventional office spaces you want, in any size you specify. All you have to do is to provide us with your requirements and we will match you up with the space that you need.

2.   Flexible Office Space

These offices include serviced offices and virtual offices in Cyberjaya prime commercial centres. These locations are some of the most modern setups available. With serviced office and virtual office, you’ll be provided with the use of many facilities, including IT, security, administrative and secretarial support and receptionist.

3.   MSC  Status Offices

Is your company a MSC status company?  Relocation to this Cybercity i.e Cyberjaya will ensure your company the benefits of Bill of Guarantees.  With an MSC status office, you’ll be on your way to establishing yourself as one of the more prestigious names in the ICT industry, and will no doubt set the stage for impressing and attracting clients.

4.   Grade A Office Space

Grade A office spaces are those corporate offices with the best designs, layouts, building styles, infrastructures and facilities. Most of these buildings boast impressive corporate appearances.

5.   Green Office Spaces

You can do your part for the earth by renting an office space that’s green and eco-friendly. This means that the building will be equipped with energy and resource saving systems, including things like energy saving electrical appliances, eco-friendly lightbulbs and water conservation taps.

6.   Small Office Spaces

Cyberjaya is a hub of ‘Incubators’, which are office complexes comprising of small offices catering to start-ups and small companies. These small offices also provide shared internet, pantries and reception.

Apart from the types of offices mentioned above, we can also find any type of personalized offices to fit the needs of your business. That’s because we’re in the business of providing you the support you need to grow and take on the world!

Here’s how you can reach us. Call:  (+6)016-2126193 or email: then  let us know:

  • How many staff members you have
  • The type of office size you prefer
  • How much of furniture you’re moving in
  • When your deadline to move in is
  • Any other specific details you desire about the office space, such as affordability, access to transport, etc.

You can call us at (+6)016-2126193 or drop us an e-mail with the details to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a host of options. After you survey these options and let us know which one you’re interested in, we’ll negotiate the best deal in terms of pricing and we won’t give up until we meet your budget.

Once the deal has been agreed on, its time to move in and set up your dream office!  Secure your dream Cyberjaya office for rent now!

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