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Bangsar South Office Rental– What Are the Major Determining Factors?

Bangsar South office rental varies depending on several factors. Knowing how the rental is determined would certainly help you in your decision making process. Why not speak to our specialist now and grab the best deal available? Call: (+6)016-2126193 or email:

What are the factors affecting the rental rate of Bangsar South office? Read on.

First, whether the office space is within MSC designated premises

While the entire Bangsar South City is a MSC Cybercenter, not all buildings are MSC designated premises.

MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees No. 1 (i.e. world-class physical and information infrastructure) is only offered to MSC status companies located in the designated premises. In order to provide world-class infrastructure, the landlord has incurred additional cost. As such, the rental rate of the office space in such building will generally command higher rental rate.

Why not contact our specialist now and find out the difference between MSC designated premises and the non-MSC designated premises for Bangsar South office for rent? Call: (+6)016-2126193 or email:

Second, the condition of the office – whether it is furnished or otherwise

The office spaces available for rent in Bangsar South come in various conditions. Some are fully furnished while some are completely bare (without ceiling, lighting or air-conditioners). So the rental will differ depending on the condition of the office unit.

If the office is fully furnished, the rental will generally be higher than those which are not furnished. However, there may be exceptional case. For example, if the renovation is contributed by the previous tenant who wish to leave the renovated office to the next tenant at no cost, then the new tenant will have the benefit of enjoying a renovated office without incurring any additional cost. There may also be cases where an office space is leased out at an exceptional low rental by motivated landlords.

As the Bangsar South office space solutions specialists, the best deals available in the market are always within our grasp. Isn’t it wise to leverage on our expertise and specialised knowledge? Call us at (+6)016-2126193 or email:

Third, the size or built-up of the office space

Bangsar South office rental may be lower if you take a large office space. For example, a tenant taking a space of 10,000sf may be able to enjoy lower rental rate compared to a tenant who is taking a 2,000sf space from the same landlord. In fact, this is the general practice and not only applicable to Bangsar South office but to all corporate or commercial offices available for rent in Malaysia.

Fourth, the terms of the tenancy

If the tenant is able to commit to a long term lease, the landlord will be more inclined to accept a lower rental. Conversely, a shorter lease tenure may attract higher rental rate. However, the recent trend seems to move away from this practice. Some landlords are not willing to sign a long lease term with the tenants who offer low rental. They prefer to reserve the option to renew the lease with higher rental when the first term expires.

Fifth, other conditions

Other conditions like the view of the office space, the level or floor it is located, and the office’s layout may affect the rental rate of the office space as well.

An office with magnificent view, e.g KLCC view, may fetch higher rental than those facing an undesirable view, e.g. construction site.

Generally, an office unit which is located at higher floor or level command higher rental rate.

To many, the office’s layout is of utmost importance. It will affect the ability of the tenant to utilize the spaces available. Layouts with sharp corners or odd shapes may cause a lot of space wastage. The tenant may incur additional costs as well to design such a space. The layout of the office will naturally affect the take-up rate of the office and hence, it’s rental.

Bangsar South office rental is not determined by any single factor. More often than not, it is affected by the combination of a few factors. Isn’t it high time to contact us and let our specialist secure you the best Bangsar South office for rent with favourable rental rate? Call: (+6)016-2126193 or email: for FREE consultation.

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